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The Branch Newsletter is published quarterly, in February, May, August and November. Currently 1,000 copies are printed.  It is available by clicking the link on the left of the screen
The Branch Newsletter Editor is David Ashwell and he welcomes items for publication.

The Editor and the Branch Executive Committee reserve the right to decide on the publication of any item submitted. Services offered by advertisers are not specifically endorsed or guaranteed by this Branch. The Editor reserves the right to refuse or withdraw advertisements at his discretion and does not accept liability for clerical or printer’s errors, although every care is taken to avoid mistakes. Advertisements in the East Kent NARPO Newsletter are accepted only on the understanding that the advertisers warrant that the advertisements do not contravene the Trade Description Act 1968, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Business Advertisements (Disclosure) Order of 1997 and conform to the British Code of Advertising Practice.’


John Piears arranges the distribution of the Newsletter, Telephone number 01843 845425 or see Branch Directory for his email address. Overseas members may request an Adobe PDF version for prompt delivery and to reduce costs.

Members may opt out of receiving the Newsletter or the National NARPO News by advising the Membership Secretary. Delivery can be reinstated at any time through the Membership Secretary.

Contact David Ashwell at

Police Widows Pension

Members should be aware of an online petition concerning new regulations which will change the current format to the detriment of current widowed members. It is very relevant to our present widows and to those wives/husbands who may become widowed in the future.

Basically the earlier pension regulations only allow a police widow to receive the pension as long as she remains a widow. Should her status change through a new marriage, the right to the pension is lost. Note that the new regulations for officers joining now allows the widow to retain her pension for life.

The petition urges the Government to make the necessary change to the previous regulations to allow widows the same right.

Click here to sign the petition